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      Kuriakos - May 12th

      May 10, 2024
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      Camp Kuriakos

      Kuriakos is more than a place... we're a community. We have been built and supported by volunteers and donors since 1930. It's part of our ministry to each other, and the difference we can make in community

      1.  Upcoming Dates:

      • May 13-17 - Spring Work Week (FREE!)
      • May 17-19 - Family May Days volunteer weekend (FREE!)
      • June 23 - Kuriakos Open House
      • June 30th - Summer Programs begin!

      2.  A huge Thank You to everyone who supported our annual fundraiserr *Kuriakos Gathers Together.  It supports the summer camp programs, year-round retreats, and school programs at KURIAKOS on the shores of Sylvan Lake.  Our goal was $70,000 and so far we acheived just over $60,000 that is just $10,000 shy of our goal.

      3.  Kuriakos Family May Days - stay at camp for free! May 17-19. Enjoy a family weekend of spring cleanup at the camp. Your support is appreciated!