LEAD Team News -  March 13, 2022

    Our LEAD Team is inviting your participation in a congregational listening project.  To start, there are two activities.  Any and all are invited to share their experiences. 

    1) The first is a multiple choice "Congregational Assessment".  Your answers are anonymous, but the survey results will categorize answers based on the demographic information you provide.  It takes about 15 minutes.  Click on this link:https://waytolead.org/take-lead-congregational-assessment/You will be required to input this case sensitive password: Assessment-cong

    2) The second tool we are using gives you the chance to reflect on our ministry by answering three questions with written answers.  You can choose if wish to submit an anonymously or under you name.  No password required.  Click on this link and type away.  https://forms.gle/A51eTtkqZySm99Yz7

    For those who are not computer savvy, we will make paper copies available at the church or sit down at the computer and put answers in together.

    Secret Sisters

    Feb/23 Welcome, to all the new and exisiting Secret Sisters.  Now our work begins you become your Secret Sisters silent prayer partner and secret enourager for a year.  Securing reminders that Sister is about encouraging, supporting, and enriching one another in prayer, as well as providing reminders that they are loved.  

    During the year we suggest:- Encourage your Sister by sending cards, notes or a small gift periodically throughout the year- Keep her a secret and don't let anyone else know who she is


     Secret Sisters

    This is a ministry to glorify the Lord by lifting up your Sister in Christ. It’s not about material things but a way to show love toward your Sister in Christ with a prayer, a card or sometimes just a letter or note to let her know she is being thought of.  We are to lift up our Secret Sister up spiritually and mentally. Dates to remember is her birthday, anniversary and other special days, and shower her with payers and love throughout the year.

    If you’ve joined us in the past you know the drill, everyone needs to complete the attached form.  This information will be shared with the group giving everyone an opportunity to know you better.  If you are unable to print no worries we have blank copies at the church.  If you are unable to pick one us let me know and someone will bring one to you.  Please send the completed copies back to me at kjkeats1@gmail.com or leave in the basket at the church no later than February 2nd.  

    Secondly, at the round table you will have an opportunity to share one of your passions.  It may be a hobby or favourite pastime, (knitting, scrapbooking, a favourite book, vacation, sport, favourite recipes).  Be prepared to show sample pictures or products.

    Karen Keating / Parish Life