Our Faith

    Our Faith

    The Lutheran Church of the Master is a Christian community. We are part of a Lutheran denomination, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada. All are welcome to be a part of our services and to join us in conversation. 

    We have a few core beliefs that we try to hold at the centre of our community. You do not have to believe everything that we hold dear to join us. The invitation is to simply be open to what God might show you in our midst, among our rituals and shared concern for the world and God's people (that's you). 

    1) Our connection to God is discovered as a gift. We use the word "grace" as a simple way of saying that God chooses us, loves us, remains committed to us even when we stray and struggle. You are free to bring your whole self before God and to welcome the gift of God's presence in your life. 

    2) We are a community of people that are being changed. We believe that Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to fill and direct our (extra)ordinary lives. The Spirit stretches us. Our calling as Christians is to be open to the Spirit’s leading and to be open to the surprising new directions, relationships and internal transformation that comes about. This work is often experienced as slow, but it is always happening. We are growing with God. 

    3) We believe that God is deeply committed to the neighborhoods and communities that we are a part of. The church does not have a monopoly on God, but must be open to discovering the Holy Spirit's work in the world around us. We are invited to join the Spirit in fostering and enjoying the gifts of healthy communities. As Christians we are open to discovering the gifts of faith, reconciliation, hospitality, compassion, openness and willingness to live with ambiguity wherever we go. God is at work and we want to join alongside as people of abundant life. 

    4) Each character that drops in our congregation changes the shape of our community. Our common life with God is dynamic. We are a people on the move. 

    Around these themes we gather to worship God and open ourselves to the world around us.  Everytime we do this we are changed. The world is changed. All are welcome.

    In Mission for Others: A Theology of Mission

    At the 2007 National Convention, the ELCIC's Evangelical Declaration was updated on the 10th anniversary of its adoption by the church as a "guide for mission". The update includes changing the title of the document from Evangelical Declaration to In Mission for Others: A Theology of Mission.

    View In Mission for Others: A Theology of Mission.

    The original Evangelical Declaration was adopted at the Sixth Biennial National Convention of the ELCIC, July, 1997, "as our church's vision for life and mission for the next decade (1997-2007), and as a source and guide for goals, objectives and strategies to propel us into the next millennium."