Amid the storms of life, we gather to seek the calm presence of Christ.

           Amid the storms of life, we gather to seek the calm presence of Christ.

    Welcome to the Lutheran Church of the Master

    We are a small church that believes God loves this city.

    We are energized by the many community partnerships that have popped up on Main Street.  It is fun to see people employing their passion and wisdom for the benefit of our community.  Many people come through the doors of our building in a given week for choir practice, addiction support groups, quilting ministry, acting lessons, music recitals, school assemblies and other community events.  We see these activities as gifts of God and we celebrate the way that they enrich the lives of many.  

    The central ministry of Lutheran Church of the Master is to gather around the Word of God on Sunday morning.  We meet together to receive the promises of forgiveness and renewal, we hear ancient scriptures brought to life, we commit our lives to serving others and we partake in a communion with God and neighbor as we gather at Christ's table.  All of this in one hour! and it's open for all.  

    Peruse our website, check out our zoom broadcast (it's not fancy), attend a service, send an email.  We pray that you are encouraged as you consider the awe and mystery of a God that loves you.

    Pastor Tim Wray


    Sunday Worship Service

    Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

    Sunday Sept. 24th

    Worship Service
    11:00 AM

    Zoom Connection for this Worship Service.  Click here to JOIN

    Bulletin for Sunday September 24th, click HERE 
    Kid's Corner, click HERE (Bulletin & Activity Page) (sorry link is not working)


    Fall BBQ Luncheon
    The Fall BBQ turned out great.  The dessert auction was a huge hit, and we raised over $1,100 which more than doubled our goal.  Everyone was very generous, thank you!  The proceeds are going to the food bank program at Famly LIfe Church.  


    Confirmation Sunday
    Cofirmation Sunday is Oct. 22, 2023. Continue to pray for Austen, Adam and Jesse.


    Reformation Sunday / October Fest and Pumpkin Carving - October 29th
    The next group event will be held Sunday October 29th which will be a potluck luncheon, and pumpkin carving for the kids.  More details to follow in the coming weeks.


    We are grateful for the continued financial support for our ministry.  There are a number of way to give if you are unable to worship with us in person. 
    -  Cheques can be mailed or dropped off in the black box by the administration office.
    -   Pre-authorized payments are also available. Email: for the form.

    -  Online through Canada Helps Click here to DONATE ONLINE


    Prayer for Airdrie - Walk, Ride, Drive and cover our city with prayer. Our goal is to pray for every street in Airdrie over 50 days. Pick an area of town and cover it with prayer. Highlight the section on the map in the foyer when you are done. Ask God to teach us about our city as we pay attention to it.


    Check out our NEW "Community Links & Events Blog".  "Community Links" is a series of workshops available for children and adults on topics such as mental health, and parenting in general over the next several months.  "Community Events" are a direct link to events happening inn our community.  



    This is a prayer that Pastor Tim shared with us  I thought is worth noting.  It makes us refect on our own lives on what is really important, and what we have the power to change in order to know Christ better. 

    "Lord do not let us do more if in doing less we might do it better. Do not let us acquire more if in living with less we might know you better. Forgive us for equating quantity with quality, wealth with security and applause with popularity. Teach us to amend our ways, lest we miss the baby in the manger, the lad in the carpenters shop, the teacher on the hill side and the Christ on the cross."

    Do you sometimes have difficulty with finding the right words when Praying.  Here are some examples to guide you as you pray for individuals recovering from surgery, hospice care, undergoing treatment or testing, recent diagnosis, for those facing illness, and time of conflict and crisis.  Click  HERE for some examples. These prays can also be found on ELCIC's website.


    The Russian military assault on Ukraine threatens peace in Europe and indeed the whole world.  This urgent and evolving crisis requires the attention and solidarity of the global Christian community. Click HERE for full details.

    • Make a designated offering donation for "Ukraine Appeal" through any ELCIC congregation.
    • Call CLWR at 1-800-661-2597 to donate by credit card or go online here
    • Send a cheque payable to CLWR, mailing it to CLWR 600-177 Lombard Avenue Winnipeg MB R3B 0W5.  Please indicate that you wish to contribute to the "Ukraine Appeal". 


    Worship Team Schedule
    Clink here to view: SCHEDULE


    Contact information:
    Pastor Tim Wray: 780-216-9729
    Administration office: 403-948-3567


    • Weekly Updates

      Weekly Update - September 24th

      1. Recurring Dates and Notices

      2.  Confirmation Sunday 

      3.  Reformation Potluck

      4.  Youth Group Event

      5. Missed a Service is back!

    • Camp Kuriakos - September 24th

      1. Check out September's News Letter

      2.  Zoom Bible Study with Rev. Kate Zaisar

      3.  Programs Sept. to Dec.

    • Airdrie Community News - Sept. 24th

      Do you want know what resources are available and what is happening in Airdrie in the coming weeks? Check out this link.

      This link has two parts, one is "Community Links" and the other is "Community Events".  "Community Links" is a series of workshops available for adults and children on topics such as mental health, and parenting in general.  "Community Events" are events happening in our community.