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    • Oct21Sat

      Camp Kuriakos - Oct. 22nd

      October 21, 2023

      Kuriakos is more than a place... we're a community. We have been built and supported by volunteers and donors since 1930. It's part of our ministry to each other, and the difference we can make in community.

      1.  Giving Thanks and Giving Back, testimonials from campers CLICK HERE

      2.  Join us for a fun and engaging online bible study with Rev. Kate Zaiser!  September 21 to October 26th.Theme is "Jesus Authority and Signs of the End".  Thursdays at 9am.   Register on zoom: HERE

      Thursdays at 9am

      Based on Matthew 21-25, we'll explore Jesus's teachings in Jerusalem. It's a great opportunity to learn more about the Word of God and connect with others in the Kuriakos community. We meet every week on Zoom for an hour of lively discussion and fellowship. Click to register HERE