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      Camp Kuriakos May 8th

      May 5, 2022
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      Camp Kuriakos

      We're celebrating National Volunteer Week and thanking all who keep building Kuriakos. As we gather this weekend to raise funds in support of our ministry, we are also reminded of the hundreds of hours of volunteer work, whether on-site, in meetings, or at home, that sustain this community.According to Volunteer Canada, last year saw 24 million Canadians give nearly 5 billion hours. Specifically at Kuriakos, our (definitely incomplete) total came to 147 volunteers offering over 3200 hours! These volunteers serve in a variety of areas, including on our governance Board and Committees, organizing and attending events, supporting and leading programs, and maintaining our facilities. All of these efforts are essential to our real goal - providing and experiencing a Community Set Apart for growth and renewal. From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for caring... and demonstrating Empathy in Action.Our next volunteer event is May 13-15, for our May Days Family Workweekend (see below). Come help us get ready for summer!

      2.  Registration

      * Program Calendar, book a campsite etc.  click HERE

      3. Host a Camp Sunday!

      • Our staff would be honoured to join your congregation for a “Camp Sunday” in support of our partnership in ministry.
      • We can help with songs, liturgy, camp messages, etc.
      • You can also access a recorded service on our website.

      As always, we’re happy to host volunteers as well. We can always find projects with our property or programs. Thanks for your help in this community.

      4.  Camp Kuriakos Upcoming Programs

      You can access all the information and tools you need in our Google Drive folder