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      Camp Kuriakos - June 5

      June 3, 2022
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      Camp Kuriakos
      1. Zoom Campfire tonight 7:00-8:00 pm Sunday June 5th. 
        Here is the link:  https://kuriakos.ab.ca/programs/families#text-4040440  

      2. Register for Summer Programs - kuriakos.ab.ca/programs 
      • Camperships available. We believe no one should miss out on camp!
      • Three Family Camp options. Choose your length of stay!
      • Kids’ and Youth programs, including Photography, Leaders In Training, Junior/Senior Youth
      • Adult Prime Time Retreat with Rev Lee Woolery.

       3.  Give your Family a Summer to Remember!

      Join us at Camp Kuriakos for one or more program weeks. Programs for all ages. Make great memories and unplug from your hectic daily lives.  https://kuriakos.ab.ca/programs/ 

       KIDS & YOUTH CAMPS offered throughout the summer. Check for a week that best suites your schedule and interests...Skills Camp, Adventure Camp, Kids Camp & Youth Camp

      PRIME TIME (AGE 35+) JULY 3-6, 2022 With Rev. Lee Woolery.  Here is a great way to start the summer off! Arrive 5-5:30pm on Sunday Wrap-up Wednesday after breakfast

      FAMILY CAMPS with Rev. Doug Hanson-Torwalt.  kids 0+ - grandparents - singles - blended families - empty nesters Camp is for all ages! Activities are planned together and in age-specific groups.

      STAY 1-5 NIGHTS, OR DAY ONLY For the fullest experience, stay for the week. If you're short on time, try just 1-2 nights. Choose camp accommodations or bring your own RV/tent. Choose from the following weeks:*  Family Camp I July 17-22, 2022*  Family Camp II August 14-19, 2022 *  Family Camp III August 22-25, 2022

      Volunteer Opportunities: Are you a handy person? If you're interested in volunteering your time at Camp Kuriakos for general facility maintenance, please contact our assistant director at paul@kuriakos.ab.ca

      4.  Kuriakos Gathers Together - KuriakosGathersTogether.ca 

      • We raised over $60,000 in support of our community.
      • Thanks to all our bidders, donors, and volunteers!

        5. Adopt-A-Staff program
      • Help us connect summer staff members with caring adults who will pray for and encourage them throughout the summer.
      • Write two letters to your staff member (and possibly even a care package!)
      • They’ll write back during staff training.

      As always, we’re happy to host volunteers as well. We can always find projects with our property or programs. Thanks for your help in this community.  June 2022 Resources

      Full SHOUT OUT folder Thank you for your help as we look to share the joy of camp.

      NAME YOUR AMBASSADOR! - Contact us if you’d like to add or modify a contact person.

      Please complete our SHOUT OUT survey to help us build this program.

      6.  SUMMER PROGRAMS at KURIAKOS“From Generation to Generation” kuriakos.ab.ca/programs  

      Prime Time - July 3-6 - Age 35+With Rev. Lee Woolery

      Family Camps - All Ages, Choose your nights!

      • July 17-22 - Rev. Doug Hanson-Torwalt
      • July 14-19 - Rev. James Hendricksen & Rev. Matt Lyseng
      • July 22-25 - Rev. Kristian Wold

      7.  Kids’ Camps

      •  July 10-15 Kids' Adventure I
      • July 24-29 Kids' Adventure II
      • August 1-5 Kids Camp (4 nights)
      • August 7-12 - Kids’ Camp (5 nights)
      • August 10-12 - Mini Camp (2 nights)

      8.  Youth Camps

      • July 3-8 Senior Youth
      • July 3-8 Senior Youth
      • July 10-15 Junior Youth
      • July 17-22 Junior Adventure II
      • July 10-15 Leaders in Training (free if attending Senior Youth)

      9.  Skills Camp August 1-5

      • Sports - Age 10-14
      • Music And Drama (MAD) - Age 8-18
      • Photography - Age 12-16