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      Camp Kuriakos - July 31st

      July 30, 2022
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      Camp Kuriakos

      1.  Register for Summer Programs - kuriakos.ab.ca/programs  

      • Camperships available. We believe no one should miss out on camp!
      • Three Family Camp options. Choose your length of stay!
      • Kids’ and Youth programs, including Photography, Leaders In Training, Junior/Senior Youth
      • Adult Prime Time Retreat with Rev Lee Woolery.

      2.  SUMMER PROGRAMS at KURIAKOS“From Generation to Generation” kuriakos.ab.ca/programs  

      Join us at Camp Kuriakos for one or more program weeks. Programs for all ages. Make great memories and unplug from your hectic daily lives.  https://kuriakos.ab.ca/programs/ 

      STAY 1-5 NIGHTS, OR DAY ONLY For the fullest experience, stay for the week. If you're short on time, try just 1-2 nights. Choose camp accommodations or bring your own RV/tent. Choose from the following weeks: Family Camp II August 14-19, 2022 *  Family Camp III August 22-25, 2022

      Volunteer Opportunities: Are you a handy person? If you're interested in volunteering your time at Camp Kuriakos for general facility maintenance, please contact our assistant director at paul@kuriakos.ab.ca

      Family Camps - All Ages, Choose your nights!  

      3.  Kids’ Camps   Check for a week that best suites your schedule and interests...Skills Camp, Adventure Camp, Kids Camp & Youth Camp

      • August 1-5 Kids Camp (4 nights)
      • August 7-12 - Kids’ Camp (5 nights)
      • August 10-12 - Mini Camp (2 nights)

      4.  Skills Camp August 1-5

      • Sports - Age 10-14
      • Music And Drama (MAD) - Age 8-18
      • Photography - Age 12-16