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      Camp Kuriakos - January 2nd

      December 30, 2021
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      Camp Kuriakos

      1.  Online Bible Studies Kuriakos has partnered with ministry leaders across the Church to offer study and conversation series. Each series is 4-5 sessions, with guest lectures and interactive opportunities for learning in community.

      • January/February - Connecting with the Old Testament with Rev. Deborah Ann Taylor of Camrose

      2.  Give the Gift of Camp - 2022 Registration is Open

      • New procedures are in place for COVID-19, and we continue to make adjustments as necessary.
      • Families are encouraged to visit our website to review 2022 program listings.
      • A week at camp makes an excellent gift! Families can download and fill in a gift certificate to give to their children, grandchildren, neighbours’ grandchildren…

      3.  Staff Applications

      • We are accepting applications for our 2022 Staff Team
      • We would appreciate referrals of leaders in your community who may be interested in a summer of service, growth, and ministry.
      • Young Adult leaders should join our Leadership Development Program, January to May!
      • Teen leaders should check out our Leaders in Training program!
      4.  Leadership Development Program
      • 2nd and 4th Monday of the month
      • Join a group of young adult leaders. Each session will include a lesson and discussion on a different aspect of leadership and faith development.
      • Looks great on a résumé or staff application (hint hint!).

      5.  REMINDERS Confirmation Retreat

      • Winter Retreat is February 4-6.
      • Bring your confirmation students or youth group for a weekend of time set apart for community.

      6.  Host a Camp Sunday!

      • Our staff would be honoured to join your congregation for a “Camp Sunday” in support of our partnership in ministry.
      • We can help with songs, liturgy, camp messages, etc.

      You can also access a recorded service on our website.As always, we’re happy to host volunteers as well. We can always find projects with our property or programs. Thanks for your help in this community. 

      Happy New Year!