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      Camp Kuriakos - Feb. 4

      February 2, 2024

      Kuriakos is more than a place... we're a community. We have been built and supported by volunteers and donors since 1930. It's part of our ministry to each other, and the difference we can make in community

      1.  Upcoming Dates:

      • Feb 15 - Staff Applications due
      • Feb 16-19 - Family Day Getaway
      • March 23 - AGM at Kuriakos and online
      • April 5-7 - RENEW Women's Retreat
      •  April 20-21 - Kuriakos Gathers Together in Lacombe and at camp*
      • May 3-5 - ELCIC Synod Youth Gathering at Kuriakos
      • May 13-17 - Spring Work Week (FREE!)
      • May 17-19 - Family May Days volunteer weekend (FREE!)
      • June 23 - Kuriakos Open House

      2.  *Kuriakos Gathers Together is the annual fundraising event to support the summer camp programs, year-round retreats, and school programs at KURIAKOS on the shores of Sylvan Lake. 


      Join us April 20 at the Lacombe Memorial Centre. We'll enjoy a brief programme, followed by dinner and a DANCE... with live music from Flat Iron Jazz.Come for S'more great times!

      The online auction will open for bids on April 10th at noon!

      Our goal is to raise $70,000 to support this year's operations. Thanks for your support!

      For those who can't make it to KGT, we'd like to invite you to DONATE, JOIN or SUPPORT our ministry in other ways.