Good stewardship is an all-encompassing way of life.

    Our purpose as a stewardship committee is to foster the behaviors and attitudes of our congregation and community, which lead us to:

    • unselfishly share all that God has entrusted to us: the air we breathe, water, earth, spiritual gifts, time, strengths, skills and resources;
    • recognize the needs that surround us each day, at home and around the world;
    • have the courage to respond to those needs.”

     In living this mission statement, we promote Fair Trade Goods. In this small way, we promote equalization of monies to producers on a global scale. Right now, we have a stock of coffee, but plan to expand this venture to include orders for cocoa, chocolate bars, tea, and nuts.

     As well, we plan to continue the monthly education on HIV/AIDS and other global issues. We dream of developing a partnership with some community in a developing country in which we can put into action our stewardship goals. 

     Closer to home, we acknowledge the works of people who help promote God’s work in Airdrie and the surrounding areas. Everyone has talents given by God, whether it be cutting the grass of a neighbor, or making cookies for Vacation Bible School.  All these are gifts that God has first given us that we return willingly to Him. Stewardship is not only about money or tithing - it is a giving of time, talents and other gifts.

     “Give to others and God will give to you. Indeed, you will receive a full measure, a generous helping, poured into your hand….all that you can hold”                                                                    Luke 6:38