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    • Jun19Sat

      Camp Kuriakos - June 20th

      June 19, 2021
      1.  Summer programs are a go!

      Registration is open, sign up for overnight camps.  Click HERE for details 

      2.  PRIME TIME

      JULY 5-7 OR 9-11    |    FREE SESSIONS   |    AGE 35+

      Conversations with Rev. John Lentz, Red Deer.  Sessions are hosted on Zoom and at Kuriakos

       Prime Time will be back this year, with all the fun, fellowship and faith development you have come to expect from your time in the Kuriakos Community. 

      Participants are invited to join online from their homes, or register in Community Camping and join worship services together in the chapel, as well as activities as permitted by restrictions.

       Rev. John Lentz, from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Red Deer will be providing spiritual leadership to this time together.

      Suggested donation is $50

      3.   Leader Development Program

      July 11-16

      • We’re hosting our annual leadership training for high school volunteers
      • Fees are partially covered by a grant from the Luther League Legacy Fund. And it’s free if you’re attending another program.
      • Join us later in the summer and help us host camp!

      Clink HERE