"You shall know that I am the Lord...I will put my Spirit within you and you shall live" Ezekiel 37:14

    Welcome to the Lutheran Church of the Master

    "The Lord be with you."
    "And also with you."
    This simple liturgical exchange is one of the first patterns we memorize, without even trying. It's just that simple.  It's also that enticing!  One of the essential invitations of the spiritual life is to look for God. The gift we receive is that we begin to discover that God is indeed with us and available to us.  The simple exchange above declares this gift and stirs us to look for it.

    The summer months are what we call, "ordinary time" in the church year.  Without the buzz of major church festivals, we have a chance to settle into the routines of summer and to look for God's presence in our patterned worship, favorite campsites, family reunions and wherever else the summer takes us.  We don't take the summer off from church activities, but we do embrace the gift of "ordinary time", which is to discover God in all the corners of our lives.  

    Over these coming months we are anticipating increased opportunities to be together.  Long awaited.  As we reunite with each other let us marvel at the power of human community and God's commitment to be present to us in the "other".

    Pastor Tim Wray


    Sunday Worship Service

    June 20th
    4th Sunday after Pentecost
    10:30 AM
    Happy  Fathers Day!

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    LCM will continue to follow provincial guidelines for distancing and masking, adjusting to our sanctuary as necessary.  As we move to Stage 2 we are preparing to host up to 45 people. Advance registration is no longer required.  

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    • Jun19Sat

      Weekly Update - June 20th

      June 19, 2021
      1.  Easement of Restrictions - Stage 2

      2.  Missed A Service?  Check out Deacon Michelle Collins Message and Prayers for World Refugee Day.

      3.  Spring Clean up and Mowing Schedules, volunteers needed!

      4.  Senior Service Wed June 23

      5.  LCM Women's Coffee Chat
    • Jun19Sat

      Camp Kuriakos - June 20th

      June 19, 2021
      1.  Summer Camps a Go!

      2.  PRIME TIME

      3.  Leader Development Program starts soon!