And Mary said:  "My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior."

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    What is behind the mask?

    No doubt, masks stir up strong emotions in all of us. They are once again front and centre in our lives.  I am trusting that masks are part of an effective public health program, and so we do our part.   There are also compelling ideas that masks are a way of controlling the population, muting human interactions and weaking personal freedoms.  As we once again dawn our masks to go pretty much anywhere, we have good reason to wonder, what is behind them?

    In psychology the metaphor of "mask" has been used to describe the way that we present ourselves to the world around us.  We can put a lot of energy into concerning ourselves with how others see us.  So much energy that we forget who we really are!  As you slip your mask on this fall, our tradition calls us to examine our hearts, our intentions and our attitudes towards the world.  Behind your mask is an invaluable member of God's family.  A cherished child.  A forgiven soul.  A gift to the world in flesh and blood.  Do you remember?

    In theology, Luther often talked about "the hiddeness of God".  We admit that we can't see God outright, but God hides in plain sight in the Word, in bread and wine of Holy Communion, in faithful actions done in love, even in places of suffering like the cross. 

    If you are growing weary, I invite you to join us this fall to reconnect with a God that comes to us behind a mask.  Peeling back they layers of our lives and our faith we move closer and closer to the heart of the matter - what is behind all these masks is all that we've ever wanted.  God with us. 

    Pastor Tim Wray


    Sunday Worship Service

    September 26th
    10:30 AM

    216 Main Street, Airdrie

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