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      Spring Cleanup Update - May 14

      Spring Cleanup Request for Action! May 14, 2021

      1. Spring Cleanup Request for Action

       It is spring cleanup time. Unfortunately, due to the  Covid 19 restrictions we can no longer get together on a specific date as a group to make this happen. The following outside areas need some tender loving care to  maintain the curb appeal of the property.

      A)    The flower beds need cleanup of winter kill and spring  weeds

      B)     The lawn between the church east side and the Portables needs raking and debris removal (DONE, Thank you)

      C)     The far east side of the Portables base needs raking and debris removal (DONE, Thank you)

      D)    The front of the Portables needs raking and debris removal as well

      E)     The bushes at the north end of the church need the leaves and garbage moved from the  bases

      If you feel, like getting out of the house for some fresh air and exercise, please consider the above options. Bring your rakes, gloves and a few garbage bags and enjoy some fresh air. Keep in mind the new Covid 19 restrictions.

      A schedule is set up on the website, the link is accessible from the home page.  Click HERE to access.  Email for the projects and dates you can commit to and the schedule will be updated.

      F)  We are looking for someone to do the lawn mowing schedule.  
      If you wish to help maintain our property image please let me  know.