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    • May15Sat

      Friday Update - May 14

      May 15, 2021

      1.  Missed a service? Want to hear another take on the readings? Each week we post a sermon from across the ELCIC

      The sermon for this coming Sunday, May 16th was prepared for your use by Rev. Dr. Kimberlynn McNabb, who serves as pastor to Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Halifax, NS.  Here is the link to the Box file with the sermon available to you for uploading and including in your videos:

      2.   COVID Guidelines

      Existing practices remain in place.  We are now limited to 15 people in worship.  This is close to our current numbers of in person participation so we can proceed almost business as usual.  Please register for worship as it allows us to plan.  Register by emailing

      3.  LCM Mission Continues

      Even while we have been separated by pandemic restrictions, we continue to discern our mission.  A few initiatives that are percolating in the background are:

      - The Lead Journey - Our visioning committee has agreed with council to enter a three year discernment process to help our congregation deepen our connection to our members, our community partners and our neighborhood.  You will be hearing more as fall approaches

      - Community Life Church - Pastor Tim and Church Council continue to talk with the leaders of Community life Church about the possibilities for collaboration on the local level, to better serve needs in Airdrie. 

      - Talks across Lutheran ministries in the region continue to explore shared ministry initiatives, such as regional confirmation programming and adult learning opportunities.

      - Campus Ministry and Pastor Tim's farm are looking at collaborating to field test a partnership that would bring students to experience life on the farm. 

      4.  Seniors Service

      This coming Wednesday, 10:30am  A simple communion service.  May 19th and 26th.

       Hear Me Out: Anti-Asian Racism and Identity

      Sunday May 23, 4-5:30 pm, via ZOOM.  A presentation by 2nd Generation Canadian Born Chinese/Japanese Lutheran Leaders. Click here to register. 

      6. Healing in Colour

      Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries has sponsored an art show around mental health and Black, Indigenous, and peoples of colour (BIPOC) experiences. Check it out here.