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      March 12, 2022
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      Weekly Updates
      1. Recurring Dates and Notices
      • Confirmation Wednesdays at 6 pm on Zoom
      • Quilting Group Thursdays, 9:30-11:30 am (Bring your own coffee)
      • (Bi-weekly) Youth group Mar. 10 6:30 pm (Text Pastor Mitch 403-462-5878)
      • (Bi-weekly) Midweek Communion Wednesdays 10:30 am, Mar 16, Mar 30
      • (Monthly) Church Council Meeting 2nd Thurs. of the month, 7pm
      • (Monthly) Ladies Breakfast 3rd Sat. of the month, 9am, Ricky’s All-Day Grill
      • Lenten Choir Practice Sundays 10:15-10:45, Thurs 7-8 pm


      2. COVID Guidelines:

      Council has committed to align LCM’s social practices with the provincial guidelines, taking reasonable precautions as we adopt new patterns. Starting this Sunday masks are no longer required but are welcome, we will continue to provide hand sanitation stations at communion, Pastor Tim will wear a mask while serving communion, we will begin passing the offering plate in services, coffee time will resume after worship and we will continue to share the peace in ‘covid cautious’ ways over the coming weeks, attentive to varying levels of personal space.


      3. Holy Week (subject to Covid levels and provincial guidelines):

      • April 14 Maundy Thursday - soup supper and service
      • April 15 Good Friday service
      • April 17 Easter Sunday pot luck brunch, easter egg hunt and Holy Communion 

      4. Missed A Service? This Sunday's sermon has been prepared for you by Patricia Giannelia, recently retired from Christ, Kelowna in BC Synod.  The YouTube link for direct sharing and posting the sermon online is: HERE

      5.  LEAD Team News...

      Our LEAD Team is inviting your participation in a congregational listening project.  To start, there are two activities.  Any and all are invited to share their experiences. Click HERE for all the details on how you can participate.


      6.  Online Bible Studies  

      Kuriakos has partnered with ministry leaders across the Church to offer study and conversation series. Each series is 4-8 sessions, with guest lectures and interactive opportunities for learning in community.

      • Thursdays, 9 am or 7 pm
      • March 3 - April 7: Lenten Devotions. 
        • Join Art and Kendra as we explore the Gospel Readings for this Lent Season, guided by "Daily Devotions" from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

      7.    Host a Camp Sunday!

      • Our staff would be honoured to join your congregation for a “Camp Sunday” in support of our partnership in ministry.
      • We can help with songs, liturgy, camp messages, etc.
      • You can also access a recorded service on our website.

      As always, we’re happy to host volunteers as well. We can always find projects with our property or programs. Thanks for your help in this community.

      8.  Camp Kuriakos Upcoming Programs

      • Lenten Devotions  - Thursdays in March and April 
      • Women's Retreat  - Friday to Sunday, April 1-3
      • Kuriakos Gathers Together - Saturday, April 30, 4:30pm
      • Homeschool Days - Last Monday of the month (Jan-May, Sept-Nov)

      You can access all the information and tools you need in our Google Drive folder