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      Weekly Update - August 20th

      August 20, 2023
        1. Recurring Dates and Notices
        • (Bi-weekly) Midweek Communion None for August. Resuming on September 16th
        • Church Council Meetings - Council will reconvene August 24th
        • (Monthly) Ladies Breakfast is paused for the summer and will start up again in September
        • (Weekly) Airdrie House of Prayer - Wednesdays 12-1 pm St. Francis Anglican

        2.  Camp Kuriakos

        Lots of summer programs to choose from! Check out their summer brochure.

        3.  Fall Back BBQ 
        Fall Back BBQ will be held Sunday September 17th (3rd Sunday) following the Worship Service.  We are looking for 10 individuals to bring desert, a sign-up sheet will be posted.

        4.  Missed A Service?

        The alternate sermon for the week of August 20th was prepared for you by Rev. Al Tote   Here is the link:

      1. https://app.box.com/file/1284259394390?s=q72slxxf0ls9gdzkcjbsiopgy8yn2mwb

        5.  Thank You! 

        A big thank you to those keeping the church operations running, especially during summer months when many of our members are away. 

        You can still join Sunday worship by zoom and keep up with your offerings online (LCM - Canada Helps Donate) no matter where you travel!