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      September 5th

      August 30, 2021

      1.  "Welcome Back Sunday"

      We are excited to invite our LCM family to re-group and re-gather as we kick off fall. Our Welcome back BBQ will be held on Sunday Sept. 19th following service.  Parish Life is being mindful of COVID protocols and feels the best way to serve a meal to the congregation is by purchasing and serving all food versus asking members to contribute. Cooking and serving protocols will also be in place.  The sanctuary is large and tables will be spread out throughout.  If you know you will be attending, it would be helpful if you please register through the website or email Parish Life directly at kjkeats1@gmail.com so that we have some idea of numbers.  We look forward to welcoming you back!

      2.  Missed a Service?  Want to hear another take on the readings?

      The sermon for Sunday September 5th was prepared for you by Rev. Kathy Martin  Clink HERE to view.


      3. Fall Maintenance Projects and Mowing Schedule

      Thank you to those who have volunteered their time to assist in cleaning up the grounds around the church.  Although though the yard clean up has been done there are a number of general maintenance projects that need attention.  There is also the weekly up keep of mowing the lawns.

      There are two areas of concern:

      1.  Concrete step repair (from parking lot to the main entrance to the church)
      2.  Steps / ramp to the Portables 

      If you are able to assist with either of these projects please contact Pastor Tim at lcotmaster@gmail.com   A schedule is set up on the website for the balance of jobs, the link is accessible from the home page.  Click HERE to access all the details and register.  

      4.   Discerning the shape of our ministry together

      Family Life Church has inquired about renting our sanctuary for an early service on Sunday Mornings.  This would have some benefits to us, such as increased revenue and volunteer base to care for our building and ministry.  However, moving two services through a building on a Sunday morning adds logistical stress.  We have delayed making any changes to our Sunday schedule until we can have a robust conversation as a congregation about our mission priorities (this Sept/Oct).  Please consider the invitation to take in their service as part of our collective discernment process, as it gives us a chance to experience the culture of their congregation.

      Haiti disaster Appeal

      In response to the earthquake disaster in Haiti, CLWR has organized an aid campaign.  You can give directly through their website. CLWR.org

      6.  2021 "Retreat Of Our Own"  will take place at KC (Kuriakos Centre) Sylvan Lake, September 10th-12th.  Click HERE for Registration details.

      The speaker will be Rev. Dr. Tim Wray, speaking on the topic of Valuing Creation: "The Economics of Saving"

      7.  Camp Kuriakos Upcoming Programs