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      Camp Kuriakos - October 10th

      October 8, 2021
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      Camp Kuriakos

      90th Anniversary and Thanksgiving At The Lake
      October 8-10, Celebration Sunday October 10

      Reconnect with the people and places that have changed us all for the better.
      All members of the Kuriakos Community are encouraged to reconnect with this special place... We’d love for you to be a part of our dreams for the next 90 years.  Click HERE to register.

      Online Bible Studies
      Starts October 7, 9am and 7pm
      Kuriakos has partnered with ministry leaders across the Church to offer study and conversation series. Each series is 4-5 sessions, with guest lectures and interactive opportunities for learning in community.  Click HERE to register.

      October - We’re looking at hymns from All Creation Sings, with guidance from Gail Berg and members of the ELCIC National Worship Committee.
      November - Spirituality and Trauma with Pastora Fran Schmidt
      December - Christmas in El Salvador with Rev. Brian Rude

      Run 4 Camp
      October 31.  Click HERE to register.

      Run/walk/stroll/bike/swim/be active for 5km on or before October 31, and find 5 sponsors
      OR, sponsor a participant in any amount, Click Run 4 Camp to register.

      Join camps across North America as they raise funds for their community!