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      Camp Kuriakos - June 5th

      June 5, 2021
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      Camp Kuriakos

      1.  Camp Kuriakos News

      Link: http://kuriakos.ab.ca/

      Check out upcoming Virtual and Summer Family Programs: Kuriokos|Families

      2. Kuriakos Community Camping 

      This summer, we're offering much more than a campground... We're hosting family camping as only Kuriakos can! 

      Kuriakos is a community set apart to be together. Our mission has always been centred on relationships, both with each other and with God. This is exactly what sets Kuriakos Community Camping apart from your average provincial park.

      With programmed activities and plenty of accommodation options, you can create your own experience. Choose your dates and fill them with the activities you want. Whether for family fun or a personal retreat, we're excited to share this special place with you.

      Community Camping means we're committed to our role as a safe Christian ministry. Our staff have designed activities and camping options to follow Covid-19 guidelines, and offerings will evolve as restrictions are eased. We'll be mindful to gather safely and appropriately for activities, craft nights, talent shows, wide games, campfire and worship.