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      Camp Kuriakos - February 20th

      February 18, 2022
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      Camp Kuriakos
      1. Online Bible Studies Kuriakos has partnered with ministry leaders across the Church to offer study and conversation series. Every Thursday 9AM or 7PM. Each series is 4-5 sessions, with guest lectures and interactive opportunities for learning in community.
      • February - Connecting with the Old Testament with Rev. Deborah Ann Taylor of Camrose

      2.   2022 Registration is Open

      • New procedures are in place for COVID-19, and we continue to make adjustments as necessary.
      • Families are encouraged to visit our website to review 2022 program listings.
      • A week at camp makes an excellent gift! Families can download and fill in a gift certificate to give to their children, grandchildren, neighbours’ grandchildren…

      3.  Staff Applications

      • We are accepting applications for our 2022 Staff Team
      • We would appreciate referrals of leaders in your community who may be interested in a summer of service, growth, and ministry.

      4.  Leadership Development Program

      • 2nd and 4th Monday of the month
      • Join a group of young adult leaders. Each session will include a lesson and discussion on a different aspect of leadership and faith development.
      • Looks great on a résumé or staff application (hint hint!)
      • Young Adult leaders should join our Leadership Development Program, January to May
      • Teen leaders should check out our Leaders in Training program!

      5.  Youth Spirital Retreat

      • March 11 - 13

      6. Adult Women Renew Spirital Retreat

      • April 1 - 3